our philosophy

Our Mission
The Vineyard Christian School is a ministry of the Desert Vineyard Christian Fellowship and an extension of its mission in our community.  Vineyard Christian School has a focused concern for children and families as part of the overall mission of the Desert Vineyard.

    To GATHER searching hearts into the saving embrace of God’s love in Christ.

    To GROW as people in the truth and transforming power of the gospel.

    To GIVE ourselves with genuineness and passion to our families, our community,  

    our church, and our word in a way that honors and exalts Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose
We exist to disciple and equip students and families for a fruitful life of following Christ. We seek to build the skills and character needed to live in a Christ-honoring and significant way. We are committed to achieving this purpose by providing an excellent education built upon a strong biblical foundation applicable to every day life.