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  • principal

    Kim Moakley e-mail link:

    My name is Kimberly Moakley.  I have been a member of the Desert Vineyard Church for 20 years and I am the principal of VCS.  When I think back at my time here at the school as a fourth grade teacher, middle school math and science teacher that evolved into a part-time vice principal position while still teaching science.  To then taking the role as principal, all of those years added together equal over a decade of time spent here on this campus.

    During my time here at VCS, my son and daughter grew up, I completed my Master’s Degree in Collaborative Educational-Leadership, my grandparents passed away, my parents retired, friends passed away and relationships grew stronger.  As life continued to change and many different emotions have flooded through me, the one thing that has remained the same is the overwhelming sense of gratitude I feel when I walk through the front doors of the Vineyard Christian School.  The warmth from a student's smile that melts away the constant nag of an ever-demanding job, hugs from parents after meetings, and witnessing teachers succeed teaching new concepts are just a few reminders that the time I have spent here has been a definite gift from God.

  • vice-principle & Office

    Debi King e-mail link:

    My name is Debi King, I have been a part of the Vineyard Christian School since 2000. I have held many jobs at the school, teacher, aide, librarian and now the vice-principal and office manager. I have my BA from California State University, Northridge in Personnel Communications. My children both graduated from VCS and are now graduated from college. Working at the Vineyard and seeing the students growing both spiritually and academically continues to be a blessing to me.

  • CUME director & Event

    Amanda Tuando e-mail link:

    Hello, my name is Amanda Tuando and I have been a member of the Desert Vineyard since 2004. My family joined that Vineyard Christian School in 2007. I volunteered in my children’s classrooms and helped with fundraisers for the school throughout the years. In 2015 the school hired me as the registrar and fundraising coordinator. I enjoy working with our families to make VCS great! I love that my children are in a loving educational environment, and that I work with an amazing group of people.